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Susan Sawbridge

Board Member

Sooz discovered #adaptMTB after rowing many, many kilometres with Kim. Sooz also knows lots of people who do, or could, or should, connect with #AdaptMTB after working in major events for many years. As the Manager of New Zealand Major Events, she managed the government’s role in many events including the FIFA Women’s World Cup bid, the America’s Cup, Rugby World Cup and perennial #AdaptMTB favourite, Crankworx.

She has now set up Daylight which has seen her working with events and active recreation contacts all over New Zealand and also internationally. She was lured onto the board after helping out with a “one-off strategy session” in 2023. Luckily, that was no hardship because she loves all things outdoors, including riding bikes (she rode the Tour Aotearoa in 2022), and is a firm believer that the glorious goodness of sport and the great outdoors should be available to everyone. She’s Chair of Women In Sport Aotearoa for the same reason.

Susan Sawbridge
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