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Inclusive Trail Grading System

We've been developing an aMTB trail grading system developed for the unique equipment and abilities of Adaptive Mountain Bikers in Aotearoa. 


We have incorporated aspects of all of the current guides, including Recreation Aotearoa, Department of Conservation and NZ Cycle Trails, as well as adaptive guides available from other countries to pull together something that fits within the New Zealand context.


The system aims to reduce barriers to participation for people with adaptive mountain bikes, not just physical barriers but the barrier of not knowing where it is appropriate to get the experience that an adaptive biker is looking for.​

The Rider Guide below is the first phase of this project. A guide for Trail Builders is coming soon!

Enables Positive Experiences

People can take part in adventures that meet their expectations, skill level and abilities building a more inclusive environment.

Empowers Decision Making

Alongside a standard mountain bike grade, the system enables aMTB riders to make informed decisions reducing the likelihood of serious incidents.

Provides Essential Information

Incorporates factors specific to aMTB riders with diverse abilities such as track width, clearance, and concurrent features.

aMTB Riders Guide

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