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From School Project to Inspiration: Dylan's Epic Fundraiser Ride

Updated: Jan 22

At Crankworx Rotorua 2022, we had the pleasure of meeting a young rider named Dylan when he introduced himself while visiting our expo site. He had just completed a school project on adaptive mountain biking and our charity, #AdaptMTB, and took the opportunity to come and say hi and meet our crew of adaptive riders.

Well, Dylan got back in touch a week ago to let us know that he was planning a fundraising event to raise money for us and the work we do in supporting adaptive mountain biking in Aotearoa!

And over the weekend, he did it! Young Dylan completed his 3-hour fundraiser ride, covering a mammoth 21.63 km of mountain bike trails at West Auckland’s Woodhill Mountain Bike Park. The trails ranged from Beginner grade to Expert, and he finished his 3 hours riding in the 'Airfield' jumps park! As you can imagine, we were stoked that Dylan thought of us and even more stoked to see the support he received from the entire mountain biking community. A number of his friends and family joined him throughout the ride, along with #AdaptMTB co-founder James Littlejohn and other local adaptive riders Mark Mandeno, Chris Hanley, and Andrew Nash on his Motom all-terrain vehicle, cheering Dylan on as he raced around the trails. Dylan’s hard mahi on Sunday not only provided crucial financial support for our charity, but it also served as a fantastic opportunity to raise awareness for adaptive mountain biking and promote inclusivity within the MTB community.

Last night, Dylan's Give a little event closed with a whopping $790 in donations! This is a huge amount he has raised, and for a small organisation like ours, this money will go towards providing more opportunities for rangatahi living with mobility impairments to try adaptive mountain biking.

A huge NGĀ MIHI NUI to Dylan, and we look forward to following his future MTB endeavours.

The full list of trails Dylan completed: map

1. Start hill

2. Roadrunner

3. How good

4. Eastern boundary rod to walker road link

5. Chicken run

6. Walker road

7. Better than the road

8. Tasting platter

9. Greasy cheese burger

10. Handle the jandle up

11. Shred the needle

12. Judgement call

13. Fault line

14. Judgement call

15. Release valve

16. Reality check to end of spit out

17. Hokey Pokey east

18. Av8a19. Av8a

20. How good

21. Eastern boundary road to walker road link

22. Chicken run

23. No vacancy

24. Exit trail

25. Airfield (Jumps park)



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