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James Littlejohn

Co-Founder & Secretary

James spends his days in the corporate world of agile, plastering walls with post-its and scribbling over white boards. To counterbalance this James has always been a thrill seeker and has been involved in a variety of adaptive sports including skiing, rowing and waterskiing. The advancement of e-mountain bikes has made it possible for him to return to mountain biking, a recreation he hadn't taken part in since before an accident in 1999 when he became an incomplete paraplegic.

Since realising that mountain biking was back on the cards, James has been eager to share the sport with other disabled people and this is why he and Kim founded #AdaptMTB.

“Mountain biking has many benefits for a disabled person like myself, exercise of course, but mainly it's given me the chance to get outdoors with family and friends just like before my accident”.

James Littlejohn
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