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Brooklyn Wind Turbine Route

A scenic uphill grind with great views at the top!


Great views and nature close to the city

Look out for

Very tight switchback corners. Very narrow with steep side slope

Length (km)


Park/Venue Grade


Surface type

Gravel and stone hardpacked

Track Width 

Typically 0.8m, many sections narrower

Track Gradient 

Typical gradient 4 deg

Cross Slope

Typical cross slope 0 - 3 deg. Some sections 5 deg or more

From Aro Street this well maintained but narrow trail winds it's way to one of New Zealand's first Wind Turbines with great views across Wellington.

This trail is too narrow for adaptive bikes and there are a number of very tight corners with steep side slope.

This is an uphill only cycle trail and is shared with walkers who can walk in either direction.

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