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Coastal Track

The Coastal Track in Queen Elizabeth Park offers a stunning seaside route starting from the central carpark, allowing users to explore the park's coastal beauty by heading north or south along the Te Araroa trail.


Expansive ocean views
Sand dunes and wetlands
Kapiti Island in the distance

Look out for

Native birds such as oystercatchers and seagulls
Marine life sightings along the shore
Spectacular sunsets over the Tasman Sea

Length (km)


Park/Venue Grade

Surface type

The trail features a mix of compacted gravel and natural sandy paths, making it accessible for most bikes and comfortable for walkers.

Track Width 

Typically 1.2m

Track Gradient 

Typical 0 - 2 deg. Maximum 5 deg

Cross Slope

Typical 0 - 2 deg

The Coastal Track is a scenic trail within Queen Elizabeth Park that showcases the breathtaking coastal landscape of the Kapiti Coast. Starting from the central carpark, the trail invites users to head either north or south along the renowned Te Araroa trail, which spans the length of New Zealand.

Heading north, the Coastal Track meanders through picturesque sand dunes and offers expansive views of the Tasman Sea. The northern route provides an immersive experience with the ocean breeze and the sound of waves crashing along the shore. This section of the trail also offers glimpses of Kapiti Island, a renowned bird sanctuary, adding to the natural allure.

To the south, the trail continues along the coastline, providing equally stunning views and access to serene beachfront areas perfect for a restful pause or a seaside picnic. The southern route takes you through diverse habitats, including wetlands and grassy plains, offering a chance to observe a variety of native plants and wildlife.

The Coastal Track is relatively flat and well-marked, making it suitable for bikers of all skill levels. It is a favorite among those seeking a leisurely ride with the added bonus of spectacular coastal scenery.

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