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Forest Loop

One of New Zealand's Great Rides - 33km of awesome


Wide track with low gradient

Look out for

A number of switchback corners may be needing a three-point turn

Length (km)


Park/Venue Grade


Surface type

Dirt firm packed

Track Width 

Typically 1.2m - 1.5m

Track Gradient 

Typical and maximum gradient 0 - 3 deg

Cross Slope

Typical cross slope 0 - 2 deg

The new Whakarewarewa Forest Loop is a 33km one-way route around the forest. The ride runs clockwise around the forest, across the Tokorangi Face (which overlooks the city), through the new Te Pūtake o Tawa car park, past Lake Tikitapu, through to the existing Te Ara Ahi path on SH5 to connect to the Waipa mountain bike car park.

The loop has been created around iconic features that Rotorua mountain biking is renowned for – fun trails, Māori culture, Redwood trees, geothermal activity, and stunning views.

The loop is a Grade 2 to 3 track designed to be accessible for people of almost all ages, abilities and fitness levels. You don’t need to be a professional downhiller; as long as you’re a confident rider, you’ll find the variety of uphill, downhill and flat sections interesting, fun and fairly easy to navigate.

Open cross-country One way track that is mainly uphill zigzag low gradient trail.

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