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Tasting Platter

Sections of cross-country and downhill flow trail. Firm clay on downhill with berms.


Fast flowing bermed corners that linkup

Look out for

Steep cross slope in sections, trail traverses steep side slope in sections and some tricky obstacles to negotiate, 1.2 m wide bridge with no handrails

Length (km)


Park/Venue Grade


Surface type

Mainly dirt, bermed corners built up with clay. Firm packed

Track Width 

Typically 1.0 - 1.2m

Track Gradient 

Typical gradient 3 - 5 deg. Maximum gradient 10 deg on short sections

Cross Slope

Typical cross slope 0 - 3 deg. Some sections 5 deg or more

Generally downhill one-way track. First half cross-country then traverses with zigzags down a slope. Finishes with flat cross-country

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