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Te Ara o Wharaeroa Inclusive Trail

The Te Ara o Wharaeroa Inclusive Trail offers a scenic, accessible biking route through Queen Elizabeth Park, starting from the central carpark and extending north or south.


Stunning coastal views
Diverse ecosystems including wetlands and sand dunes
Educational interpretive signs

Look out for

Pedestrians and cyclists on this shared path. There is a barrier at the southern end of the trail which is currently bypassed
Native bird species such as tui and fantail
Historical sites and cultural landmarks
Kapiti Island in the distance

Length (km)


Park/Venue Grade


Surface type

Asphelt paved paths

Track Width 

Typically 2m+

Track Gradient 

Typical gradient 0 - 2 deg

Cross Slope

Typical cross slope 0 deg

The Te Ara o Wharaeroa Inclusive Trail is a premier biking and walking path within Queen Elizabeth Park, designed to be accessible for all users, including those with mobility impairments. Starting from the central carpark, this well-maintained trail provides a picturesque journey through the park’s diverse landscapes.

Heading north, the trail takes you through lush wetlands and along the park’s coastal edge, offering stunning views of the Tasman Sea and Kapiti Island. To the south, the path winds through rolling sand dunes and open grasslands, showcasing the park’s rich natural beauty and unique flora. The trail is relatively flat, making it ideal for families, beginners, and those using adaptive bikes.

Interpretive signs along the route provide insights into the park’s ecological and cultural history, enhancing your adventure with educational elements. The inclusive design of the trail ensures that everyone can enjoy the natural splendor of Queen Elizabeth Park, regardless of their physical abilities.

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