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Inclusive Trails

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Te Ara o Wharaeroa Inclusive Trail

The Te Ara o Wharaeroa Inclusive Trail offers a scenic, accessible biking route through Queen Elizabeth Park, starting from the central carpark and extending north or south.

Coastal Track

Soakhole Climb

A big old climb with rich rewards

Tahi & Dipper

A lovely little trail for all ages

Daddy Long Legs

Cross-country trail with flowing sections and berms. Connects with Sesame Street or up the road back to start

Forest Loop

One of New Zealand's Great Rides - 33km of awesome

No Vacancy

Cross-country trail with the second half that descends to meet Family Loop. Mainly dirt and sections of carpet.

Seasame Street

Cross-country trail on undulating terrain


Groovy wide downhill track

Over and Out

Downhill trail with flow sections and berms. Leads to the car park or up the road to start. Firm clay and dirt

Split Enz

One of the original great tracks

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